"I hate tangled headphones. That's what sparked this product."

- Brittany Denise

Founder, Sparkbudz

It was during my junior year in high school which is when Sparkbudz was born. My friends and I were at lunch, and the new Beyonce album had just been released. We were so stoked to hear the new songs, but were faced with a MAJOR dilemma. We only had 1 set of headphones, and there were 3 girls. We struggled to share the headphones, and dealt with tangled wires, and the earbuds falling out of our ears! UGH! 
Later that day after school, I shopped around and couldn’t find any products geared towards shareable headphones with multiple sets. So, I decided to jump on it.

Fast forward to now, with the support of my family and working multiple odd jobs, Sparkbudz is now a patented company that sells zippable headphones with 4 sets! I had the opportunity to pitch on the National TV Show Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, and get to grow the business daily.
Through starting my business at a young age, I’ve learned the art of consistency and discipline. Sparkbudz went from a simple idea in high school, to now developing and conceptualizing the product with partners overseas. My experiences have groomed me not only to be an entrepreneur, but to serve as a beacon of hope for anyone who has the grit, tenacity, passion and even a simple idea on a 4x5 index card. 

My name is Brittany, thank you so much for visiting Sparkbudz. I launched this business out of necessity. 
I used to be a model, and was hoping to launch a successful career in the industry. But due to competitiveness, I decided it wasn’t the best fit for me. That’s when I ventured off into the world of pageantry. I competed quite a bit, and earned the “2015 Miss Fontana Princess” title! I was SO excited since it was my first pageant, and I won scholarship money.
It was through my short immersion into pageantry where I learned how to network, and leverage relationships. I was grooming myself to become an entrepreneur…and I didn’t even know it yet!

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